About Kusamba

The foundation of our formulations is derived from the salt water from the coast of Kusamba, Bali in Indonesia, which contains unique nutrients and minerals. The harvesting and production of Kusamba Sea Salt is a centuries-old tradition where local farmers use traditional techniques to produce 100% natural salt by sun and wind evaporation.

This salt farming process is a painstaking and time- consuming process. Every morning the salt farmers make their way to and from the ocean with buckets on bamboo poles over their shoulders. They gather seawater and pour it over the raked sand in a rhythmic motion. The mid-day tropical sun bakes the sand into flakes and the salt is ready to be harvested by late afternoon. The farmers take the flakes to the salt making huts where more sea water is added to leech the salt over several days.

The resulting brine is placed in long troughs for further evaporation, leaving pure fleur de sel (flower of salt). We recognized the incredible benefits this sea salt holds, packed with essential minerals and trace elements known to nourish, heal, and revitalize the skin. Driven by our passion to create an outstanding bathing experience for our brand, we sought to develop a range of bath and body products that would allow everyone to indulge in the luxurious and transformative power of Kusamba Sea Salt.